Medical Cannabis in Manitoba

Medical cannabis is being used in Manitoba to treat pain and a variety of health conditions ranging from sleep disorders to anxiety, to arthritis. At CannaWay Clinic, we have helped thousands across the province obtain prescriptions for medical cannabis, and our medical team has monitored their treatment plan to help ensure patients are receiving the right medication and taking the right dose for their specific condition.

How do I get medical cannabis in Manitoba?

Patients in Manitoba looking to access medical cannabis may schedule a Virtual Appointment by using our online form. You may contact us directly regardless of whether you have a doctor’s referral.

CannaWay Clinic has served patients throughout Manitoba including those in Winnipeg, Thompson, Brandon and Steinbach.

What are the regulations concerning the use of medical cannabis in Manitoba?

Although healthcare is governed through provincial bodies, the Cannabis Act is the regulatory framework that guides the use of medical cannabis across the country. CannaWay Clinic is compliant with both federal and provincial legislation that relates to healthcare and medical cannabis.

To access medical cannabis, patients must obtain a prescription from a health care practitioner. At CannaWay Clinic, you will have a comprehensive consultation where a medical cannabis prescription will be granted if deemed appropriate for your ailments or symptoms. Then, a licensed cannabis producer will fill your prescription for products such as CBD or THC oils, cannabis topicals or cannabis flower.

With your prescription, you can travel anywhere in Canada with your medical cannabis. You may not take your medical cannabis with you on international trips at this time.

What symptoms are CannaWay Clinic patients suffering from in Manitoba?

If you suffer from one of the conditions or symptoms listed above, or have another condition, we advise you to consult with our medical team to understand what solutions might be right for you.

Contact us today to schedule your virtual appointment

Due to COVID-19, we are currently scheduling virtual consultations only. If you live in Manitoba and believe that medical cannabis might be the right option for you, please fill out our online form to schedule a Virtual Appointment with one of our physicians. All appointments are free of charge to the patient.

About Manitoba

Manitoba is a Canadian province with a population of 1.3 million. The population has grown by 100,000 people within the past ten years. Its vast amount of natural resources bolsters the province’s economy. Major industries include agriculture, mining, forestry, and manufacturing. The capital city is Winnipeg, which bears the distinction of being Canada’s 8th largest city.

Comprehensive Medical Cannabis Plan

There are no referrals necessary to book an appointment with one of our physicians.