Arthritis Pain is Becoming the Norm – But it Doesn’t Have to Be

Senior lady buttoning shirt with arthritis

More than half of Canadian women over 65 have arthritis. That’s worse odds than a coin-flip. And the number for men over 65 isn’t much more encouraging, at over 30%. As the Canadian population continues to age, finding better treatments for arthritis will become more and more important. You shouldn’t have to spend your well-earned…

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Suffering from Multiple Sclerosis – Pain and Sleep Management

couple smiling

Canada is amongst the highest multiple sclerosis rates in the entire world, with almost 80,000 Canadians estimated to live with the disease. Canada’s rate is almost 10 times the global median. One contributing factor to pain and spasms related to MS is our cold climate further from the equator, which isn’t about to change any…

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The Use of Medical Cannabis for Fibromyalgia

woman on cliff during sunset

If all of the Canadians suffering from fibromyalgia were to create their own city, it’d be the 4th largest in the country. Fewer folks than Calgary, but more than in Ottawa. For those unfamiliar, fibromyalgia is a pain disorder. Those suffering feel widespread musculoskeletal pain and can experience symptoms of fatigue, sleep, memory and mood…

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